Thursday, February 5, 2015 review

Of all the dissertation services reviews we have, we always love the websites that keep things simple. Too many essay writing websites are full of text and fluff that is no use to anyone. BestEssay has its share of fluff on the website, but it is very easy to navigate and the homepage gets right to the point. On the homepage, you will find the quotation tool. You can toggle the functions to pick a price that suits you. They have really kept it as simple as possible. If you want to truly explore their prices, then click the prices link at the top and you will see yet another great example of a company keeping it simple. They start at the top with the many discounts you can get from their company. If you scroll down you will see a more comprehensive quotation device that gives you numerous options. 

You can pick the type of written work you want, the subject, the number of pages, the currency, the deadline and the quality of your work. You also get to see a vast number of quotes at one time, which makes picking a price you can afford a little easier. Scroll down more and you see their list of discounts and you get to see how they will format your work by default. You also get to see all the freebies you get with this company.

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